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The conversion was finished about an hour before we left last friday to go camping. I usd a camaro steering column, a wagoneer power gear box. the cross member and CJ Gear box bracket from a late 70's CJ, and the long tie rod purchased from advance adapters.
After all the welding and such the conversion is done. And now I can say it is safe to drive the Jeep, steering wise since the brakes are the next major thing to do. I have to be careful with the CJ because the Wagoneer box is a really quick ratio box. It is about 2 and 1/2 turns to make a U-turn. The only thing i was surprised was that it wasn't that easy to turn, but i drive a toyota 4x4 pickup with power steering as my daily driver. I can drive down the rode and have a can of soda in my other hand and drive just fine. To anyone with an older CJ this is the only way to go. I highly suggest it.
Dan Stewart 1963 CJ5 "Caloosa Jeepers" member


Re: Power steering conversion is done!! Took it for a weekend and test and loved it!!!

I agree 100% that adding power steering is one of the best upgrades one cna do to an older CJ. I upgraded my 74 to power steering a while back and I am glad every time that I drive it. Next, power brakes.

Tim Kirby
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