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power steering box reasemble HELP

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i have an 89 yj, the peron i got it from took the box all aprt and put all new seals in it but i have no idea how it goes back together (since i never took it apart) does anyone have a diagram or instructions on how to reassemble them?or a link
any help would be appreciated
thanks guys/gals
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What's with up? Did you get your email address to Jim? When I saw this post I emailed him and asked for a copy since he was scanning it anyway. I've got mine. Did you not email him? Did you not get it? Can you not open the attachment? Did you not understand it? They're not an easy thing to deal with. You might be better off buying a rebuilt and slapping what you've got now back together for a core.

Thanks Jim, I got mine.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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