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Power loss

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Durring accleration my rail loses power and starts to die, but if i pump the throttle power returns and the damn thing flys.
I have a type III with 1966 vw it has been bored out to a 1935cc and it has duel webers type 44 idf
thanks for all the help.

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always during acceleration or just when you hit bumps? are you running fuel perssure regulators? you need to run 1 regulator for each carb turned down to about 2~3 psi.

Tom Klippenstein
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The power loss seems to come in the first few seconds of accelatrion...espicialy when i am trying to "hit it" the engin will lagg and the RPM will drop considerbly. Then by pumping the gas the RPMs come up and it has a lot of power.
I do not know what a fuel regulator is, on top of my fuel pump their is a silver dial with the numbers 1-5 on it. that is set to two... if i move it nothing seems to happen.

thank you for the help

mine did the same thing and one call to fast freddies and they told me my venturies weere too big and shiped me the right ones runs better than ever and pulls harder from idle to wide open than with old venturies i did not add pressure regulaters to mine i just use the stock fuel pump on a 2276 good luck

Hey Vlax
Did you have it synchronized? Just a thought.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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