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Power Locks: need help please

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My wife's 1998 Tahoe has power locks. The fuse in the #13 slot that is responsible for the locks, cigarette lighter, and power outlets keeps blowing. It will work for a day or a half of a day - but blows. It calls for a 20 amp fuse in the area. When it does blow, the remote button will open the doors, but not the back hatch - and the button on the dash will not open the back hatch when the fuse goes. Any suggestions? Where to start looking?

Thank you
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Sounds like you have a wiring problem. You might want to have an electrical specialist look at it. Have you tried replacing the relay? I'm pretty sure it's under the dash there by the fuses. It could also be the power window switch too. But sounds most like it's a short in the wiring.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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