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Postal Jeep axle in CJ5?

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Anybody know if a postal Jeep (dunno what year yet) rear axle is the same as a CJ5? What about the gear ratios? The AMC20 (3.54) in my 79 CJ5 is on the way out and I've got a line on a couple of DJ's for $200, so it could be a good deal for me. Any other major parts interchangable?


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I installed a 70 dj5a rear axle in my 46 cj2s. The axle is a true dana 44. The main differents is the axle is narrower by couple inches than the stock axle. They say the center line is offset a couple inches but I cannot tell by looking. The axle behind the 4 cly dj5a is 3.73. Some came with lockers from factory.

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I have a '78 postal jeep Dana 44 rear axle. it's the exact same width and bolt pattern as the factory "Narrow Track" AMC20 in my '81 CJ-8. The postal jeep 44 has shock mounts that you won't need and the spring pearches are on the top and closer together. i haven't measured to see if the same driveshaft can be used.

also i think all "Postal 44's" have 30-spline, one piece flanged axles with "trac-loc" limited slip diffs. the 4 cylinders came with 3.73's gears and the 6-cylinders came with 3.07's.

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also i think all "Postal 44's" have 30-spline, one piece flanged axles with "trac-loc" limited slip diffs. the 4 cylinders came with 4.10 gears and the 6-cylinders came with 3.07's.
Hmmmm, I guess i'll just hafta check. If it's a 4.1 it'd get me halfway into a desirable gear swap from the 3.54's I have now, just have to get the fronts, but 3.07 is out of the question. Not so crazy about the LSD, though, I used to have a 75 DJ5D and it was awful in the snow.


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My mistake, i said the 4-cylinder postals have 4.10 (i meant to say 3.73), i actuallly own one of these, sorry about that again......

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DOH! A 4.1 would be a worthwile improvement, but 3.73 wouldn't be worth the trouble of going into the front axle too. Dang.


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