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Post lift height

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After lift'n my 89' YJ Wrangler (Islander) - (SkyJacker 2 inch -- with nitro shocks and a t-case lowering kit), I noticed a more pronouced lift
in the rear. The post lift measurments are as follows: 24 inches to the lower
body in the back of the jeep (at the rounded ends). 22 inches to the body
at the front of the rear tires and 21 inches at the back of the front tires. Also, the measurements from the ground to the bumber on the back are 19 inches and 18 1/2 in the front. Does this sound reasonable?
Also, after lifting is there anything I should do with the rear track bar? The length is the same, but the springs have 2 inches more lift --- how will
this affect the track bar? What about the front track bar?

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those bumper heights sound good to me, (1/2" front low) most YJ's are like that.

the question of factory track bars, i personally think with a 2" lift the factory track bars are OK, (and sway bars links also).

the track bars locate the axles side to side, (makes a jeep more stable On-Road) when you lift the suspension, (the distance between the frame and axle increases) the axle will be relocated slightly sideways, (to the side that the track bar attaches to the frame, front right/rear left). with anything more than a 2" suspension lift i would relocate my track bar mounts or get longer track bars,(or remove them) my personnel choice, CJ's never had them to begin with. bla bla bla....
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I just bought some arkael telescoping ones, front and rear, these things look heavy duty, havn't put them on yet, but thought I'd give you there URL, here goes....



One caution if you are looking for bolt in, they don't have holes for the pin (it's like a swaybar disconect, keep the pin in=it stays in place, take the pin out= it can telescope), the only reason for this that I can think of is for different sized lifts, more of a custom fit, lol...

Here's there animated gif of it moving...

Hope this helps,
Peter Lombardi
'89 YJ 4.5 in RE E.D. Lift
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