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Re: new xj owner

Hey guys...let's help out the new guy.
Since I got my Jeep almost 3 years ago the only thing I have been doing is the regular service of all the liquids. Engine oil, transmition fliud, and engine coolant. Of course that's the minimum that applies to every car, but jeep isn't the newest one on the block (112.000 miles) and I had no problems with it. The only thing that failed was the water pump. It was leaking and made a strange whistling noise, so I replaced it. Ohh...the engine mount broke. Got it done for $30. Besides that I'm so damn satisfied with my Jeep that I can't imagine living without it. Speaking of perfomance begin with it's good to install the K&N Filter Charger, maybe some cat back system (like Borla or Flowmaster), just check out this web site .
Good luck with your jeep and welcome to the forum. Mario.

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Re: new xj owner

Hey man,

Have you looked at the wheels?? No way will the zuk wheel fit on the XJ. I know some ford truck wheels will fit though.

Just keep in touch with thisoard and you'll learn so much that if you get any flack from your Jeep you'll be on top.

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