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Re: Chrysler Lawsuit --- Grill Reproduction

Yes!!! You can not withhold an item from the market JUST because you hold the patent/copyright. If you don't produce it (at any price) then you've "opened the market" to other manufacturers. This usually works against the little guy who usually invents something but can't afford to manufacture/market it. Yes ....... it's nice to see the little (or smaller) guy win on occasion.
Hard to believe LEVE was only a 'member' at one time. Thought he's been here before time. /wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif Check out to original post date.

"It's a Jeep thing... and I DO understand"
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Yep, back when I was young, stupid, and had hair... Humm.. this post was about the Vanzant vrs. DC Jeep Grill Lawsuit. .. which Vanzant won... much to my delight. Actually my posts on this forum go back to 1995, but that was when ORC used another software package.

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That was any interesting read LEVE... I think I recall reading something similar recently about DaimlerChrysler and GM on the new hummer...

Jim O'Brien
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Yes, DC is suing GM on the slat design of the Hummer2. I had to laugh at that one, so I found the email for GM Legal and the people defending GM against the DC suit and sent them the address for the Vanzant suit and strongly urged them to take DC to the cleaners.... That ought to raise the price of a TJ a couple of K or two....

Someone's got to help poor starving lawyers feed there children before they turn on them and eat their young....

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