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It it just me, or are there more of you who have experienced the poorly designed brake system on your Mule? I have minimal braking constantly. My 07 has had to have all the shoes and hardware replaced, the O rings don't keep the silt out! I have also had to replace the wheel bearings along with all the support bearing. I am not in the mid hundreds and rising (COST). This has all occured within 1 year and 2400 miles. I contacted the Kawa Office in Irvine and the told me to "kiss off" since I am not in the US. The Dealer here in Panama told me to contact Irvine, they told me to contact my dealer, the dealer told me to contact Japan, Japan told me to contact Irvine, who told me (You get the point)> Brakes are brakes and if I have to ship it back to the US to demonstrate the poor design, I will! It is virtually impossible to wash the brake system after operaing in muddy tarrain. Maybe I just an old "nut" and retired auto service engineer, that spent 12K on a real looser. I have saved a number of people from making the same mistake I did. I have a product liability attorney waitng in the wings, if I can find enough "brake failures" to make Kawasaki pay! If they would just put disc on the front and standard drum on the rear, much of the problem would be solved. Kawasaki dealers, love the poor engineering, lots of shop and parts revenue.
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