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I checked with my local Jeep dealer today and this is what I decided I wanted :

2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport (25C) (Solar Yellow)
4.0 6cyl
Dana 44 rear axle
cloth seats
side steps
30" tire and wheel group
tow hooks
5 year extended waranaty
soft top/hard half doors

I believe that's all I quoted to the salesman. Anways, his price was $400
above invoice, and after tax, tags and license it came up to alittle over $20k
(can't remember the exact figures). Does this sound reasonable? I'm going to
shop around of course. I don't want AC or cruise control, since I wouldn't
ever use them anyways. I was thinking about adding the Electrical group and
both convenience groups. Is the 5 year warranty worth the extra also (I was
never told the exact amount of the extended warrantly). Also since I don't
plan to do hardcore offroading, am I better off going with the standard rear
axle and ABS since I will see more street use that offroading (except beach
trips w/ sand driving). I will post the actual options and prices tommorow
when I go back to talk with the salesman and get a print out of what I wanted
(their computers were down today else I would have it to go by now). Anyone
got any suggestions? Thanks

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84 CJ7


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Check out this site and you can compare. It will give you a starting point.

That doesn't sound too bad to me. I would personally stick with the Dana 44, but that's up to you. I have never thought too much about extended warrentys, but again that's up to you. The tilt wheel in convenience group I would be nice. I like having A/C, but hey it's a Jeep so it's not a big deal. Hope you get what you want. Good luck!

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Here is our TJ:

1996 (ok, 1997, there was no 1996 short jeep, but it was manufactured in July & Aug '96, delivered Sept '96). 4.0, 5 speed, 35C, ABS, Trac-Lok, A/C, convenience groups, vinyl, 30" tire & wheel package, dual tops (before it was an option), full doors, and side steps.

We've added: custom rock rails (steps broke), swaybar disconnects (original broke), CB and antenna, custom hi-lift mount, fog lights, tow hooks (F&R), Hella headlights, 31" BFG's, mirror relocation brackets, and headlight guards.

Wait a minute, you're in NC and you don't want A/C? We have found the A/C invaluable, even up here in Maine. It already comes with the HD electrical group. We also found it's great for wheeling. The A/C cranks out the cold air, so with the top down we're still cool, and it slows the motor down to lug the engine, otherwise the computer kicks it up to 1,000 rpms and holds it there, too fast in many applications.

Forget the tow hooks. They're rated a 5K, spend the $5 each and get the 10K ones with clips.

If you plan on wheeling AT ALL, forget the steps. Ours ripped off really easy, total junk. They're made of plastic and held together with bolts (10mm) at both ends, not the best setup. Get a set of decent rock rails or make your own. I made ours, cost $40 in steel and some time, they're 1.5" dia tubing, and 3/16" thick, they'll hold the jeep up and look nice.

Forget the cloth seats, too hard to get stains out of and they stay wet with the top off in the rain. We got the vinyl seats and put seatcovers over them, sheepskin in the winter and tweed for summer. When we wheel or get caught in the rain with no top, the covers come off, seats dried with a towel, and we're back on the road, no sitting in a puddle.

We have the 35C rear end and the ABS, not a bad combination. The ABS has saved our TJ from an accident (twice actually), so we love it. It works well off-road but the 35C isn't a strong axle. Ours was replaced at 48K (extended warranty) due to the pinion bearing letting go, but we're not sure if it was due to the wheeling or a defect. The D44 is a strong rear end, but no ABS. It's up to you. We have 75K on the jeep now (27K with the new rear) and it's help up well. We also have the Trac-Lok with the ABS in the 35C. Keep in mind a lot of states have laws against lifting vehicles with ABS brakes. Check this out before you order.

I am a proponent of the extended warranty. We have the one on the TJ (5years/100K w/$50 deductible) and have used it many times. It's not that the TJ's are bad, we just drive them a little harder. We had to have the radiator and casette/radio replaced at 71K, the rear end at 48K, and the TPI sensor replaced under the extended warranty. We still have 25K on it, so no worries. I have also had the warranty on every other new vehicle (Suzuki Sidekick, Isuzu Rodeo, Isuzu Trooper) we've owned, and each has paid for itself. It's a fair chunk of change, like $1,400, but still worth it. Keep in mind the new vehicles aren't like the old ones. We can't go adjust a carb if there's a problem, it has to be hooked to a computer and adjusted, which can lead to big money. Heck, just the rear axle (we retained the housing) came to about $900, and that's for a measley axle, not a tranny or fuel injection.

The rest sounds great. I like the yellow, we have white but the yellow is SHARP! Get EVERYTHING in writing. Also, don't "settle" on anything. If you get exactly what you want you won't mind making the payment. We love our TJ, it's the wife's daily driver, and don't even notice the payments anymore.

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