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Possessed Tcase

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when i hit a bump or a wavy surfaced road, my freakin' tcase lever pops here and there as if its trying to go into Nuetral or 4hi. anyway, its pissin me off!
anyone have a clue what could be the problem? i'm fixing to leave the IFS and damn tcase on the side of the road

ok, sorry, i'm not in a good mood this morning....thank my bank account and my fiance
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Umm, check your t-case adapter to crossmember bolts. Mine started doing the exact same thing on the way home from Moab and I looked underneat and the 2 bolts were gone. The whole tranny/tcase was sliding back and forth on the cross member.

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I'd say check the tranny mount. I bet it's broke. My truck would have a clunk on bumps, push button so no shifter, but it was the mount. Took about 10 min to change and it's been fine ever since.

The old trucks, 87 for sure had a basic mount that if you jacked the tailshaft up it would be in two peices., My 98 on the other hand had a metal bar holding it all togeather so it was hard to know it was bad untill it was out.
i just got under there, the mount and bolts were tight. no movement from the tcase or tranny. i got a bar and stuck it in the mount to try to move it, but nothing.

i'm tempted to take off the front dshaft and see if that solves the problem for now. i thnk i'm going to blow something soon...tcase...tranny...something. the other night, i backed out of the yard, and did a little off-crooked stuff backing over the dirt mound. that engaged 4wd, not a clue how. when the truck gets twisted, the tcase jumps gears
anyway, a mile from the house, there was a loud bang, some grinding and then no go as i stepped on the gas, but the engine reved. i thought i blew my tranny, so i turned the truck off. when i looked down, my tcase had shifted into nuetral. so, tranny in N, got the tcase back in 2hi, then drove off again.

I was talking to AJM this morning, he mentioned Suzukis had kind of the same problem. the reason was the little bushing in the tcase there at the lever had worn out and was just leting all the movement of the drivetrain change the tcase. could that be happening here?
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It was the bolts that went from the mount bushing into the t-case adapter, not the bolts from crossmember to bushing. I couldn't more the assembly around under there without laying on my back and kicking it with my foot as hard as I can so I would still try and crawl under there and make sure both bolts are there. Other than that I would check the linkage rod to the shifter.

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