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Just wanted to give a positive review of . Last Thursday I placed an order for a Miller plasma cutter because their price was about $300 less than MSRP and they had free shipping and no tax for out of state sales. I was a little leery of ordering and the old adage of "you get what you pay for" kept running through my mind.

Found on the Miller website that they (Cyberweld) were an authorized Miller dealer, so that prompted me to place an order. I ordered the plasma cutter, a storage cart, and some extra consumables on Thursday. The guy told me the consumables would ship from them immediately (from NJ) and the equipment would ship directly from a Miller warehouse. I got everything yesterday, and am extremely pleased with the sales experience. With all of the extras I ordered, I still beat the local price by a couple hundred dollars.

Anyone in the market for welding equipment, do yourself a favor and check out their site. Amazing prices and free, quick shipping. I will definitely purchase another welder from them, when I upgrade to a 220V unit.

Greg J.
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