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Porb wil 4x4

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I have a 1999 ford F350 super duity power stroke disal 7.3l V8 I was driving and needed 4x4 and put the truck into 4X4 hi when I was done with it the truck would not come out of 4X4 I don't have manual 4 on the floor, I have the eletric selictor switch i tried every thing that I could think of can any one help me with my situtuation ps when I was trying to get it out of 4X4 i put it in 4low, and I am stuck in 4 low is there any way to manualy put the truck into 2X 4???????
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You might have to push on the brakes as well to get outta 4 low. try driving back and forth a few times too to releive driveline tension.
If taht doesnt work try jacking up both ft tires to totally get all the tension off the system. trans in N press braks, try to get it in 2wd.

Only other option is to take off the motor and turn the thing by hand. I gotta do this on my ranger, its a major pita
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