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Hehe...your's almost sounds like the twin to mine /wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif
POR-15 is a rust-preventative coating, not a filler. You will need to remove the rusty bits of sheetmetal and do proper sheetmetal or fiberglass repairs. You can almost rest assured that anywhere you THINK you have minor rust (like the windshield frame) you actually have more than meets the eye. Here's what I plan to do with mine since it's basically going to be a trail rig:
Cut out remaining rust from holes and wire brush any surface rust, bond in new front floor panels, fiberglass the rocker panels and rear quarters and cover them with steel diamond plate on the outside, bond in new rear wheelhouses, coat the inside and underside of the tub with Herculiner, bond in a steel diamond plate floor in the rear cargo area.
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