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How does one such as myself with very limited computer skills stop those giant annoying car ad popups from TOTALLY encroaching the whole screen every time I log on or change forum I am wanting to read?
Wife is more computer literate than I and she suggested a couple of pop up stoppers but all they did was slow down therate at which it loaded.

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I can only suggest that you try to track down a copy of the program "Proximitron", it is no longer supported by the original writer but is still available and there are a lot of people still using it and writing filters for it, have your wife help you with it, it is directed at people with a little bit more pc skills than the average novice has, but is a [email protected] fine program that will deal with more than just the pop ups. I would also strongly recomend the "Spybot S&D" program which will help eliminate spybots, ad ware, browser hijackers, etc. etc. etc. Excellent program. Ad aware is another good one to have. Here are some links for you to get these programs



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