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Pony carb Idle ??

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Can any of you guy's who put the pony carbs on tell me how you adjusted the idle and if there is a Mixture screw on these things ?? I got it on and it fired right up but can not adjust the idle worth a s*&t. Also where does that wire go ?? I went buy that write up that is on the net and they matched it up to a celinoid on the old carb -- but my old carb's celinoid that looks like what I need has "Two" wires coming from it ?? Any help would be great ---- Thanks Mac0
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That wire not being connected is one of the reasons you can't get the Pony to idle.

The wire from the Pony needs to be connected to a switched 12 volt supply. In other words, the Pony needs 12volts when the ignition is in the ON position.

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