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Not sure this is in the right place so admin please move to correct location :)

Introducing myself:
I'm new to the forum, I'm a Brit but I have a place out in Mexico and was looking to get an off-roader. I'm a pretty good wrencher, I've rebuilt the outboard engine on my boat myself, but new to offroad. Having an offroad would be great in Mexico, a sports car would be quite useless here as it'd get trashed on the speedbumps and bad roads. Plus I always wanted to go wheeling but back in the UK there is hardly any trails.

I've found two vehicles down here a ZJ Cherokee and a custom buggy. I'm torn between the two. Both are 6300 USD

Jeep ZJ:
  • 1993 V8 5.2L 240,000 miles on the clock
  • Stock axels, dana 35, but with reinforcement
  • Absolutely no rust at all, no mechanical issues at all
  • All electrics working great
  • 6-inch custom long arm lift chassis and reinforcement. Rubicon shocks, High-quality construction good welds.
  • Custom bumpers
  • 1000w sound system
  • Custom exhaust
  • Lightbars, LED headlights etc
  • Fender arches
  • quarter panel armour
  • 31inch tires, although the guy said I could swap them to 33s and pay the difference
Pros - long trips, overlanding (camping etc), 5 seats, large storage capacity, ability to tow heavy trailers (I have a 17ft bowrider), V8!!! 4x4, AC, enclosed cabin (rain), decent daily driver.

Cons - bad fuel economy! Bigger, not as fast as a buggy. High milage on motor?

Custom buggy:
I haven't seen it in person yet so more info to come
  • Pretty much an aerial nomad
  • Sixth gen 2018 Nissan Altima drivetrain
  • 2.0L 248HP 4cyl turbo
  • 2rwd
  • CVT
  • Fox coilovers
  • rally style handbrake
  • Complete custom, very well built
Sorry I don't have more info as of yet.

Pros - ridiculous 0-60 around 4 second, insanely fast and light will be amazing for dirt roads. Excellent fuel economy, one of a kind. Open cockpit (amazing for the beach)

Cons - one of a kind (although can use many Nissan Altima parts), bad for towing, 2 seats, 2wd

Additional point - custom work is actually cheaper in Mexico, the high cost on importing kits and the low labour costs balance out to make custom to go to choice for most builds here.

Help me make up my mind and also what do you think about the price? Which do you think is worth more? For custom works like this, I think the price is pretty good. I'm leaning towards the buggy because I hardly ever see something like that, I can get the jeep later once I save up.

Pictures attached


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