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My brother-in-law's 4wheeler smokes really bad. He doesn't know how to adjust
the oil injector, so he wants to mix his gas himself. What ratio does Polaris
mix their oil for a two stroke? Thanks.

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The polaris uses an oil injector. yes it is a two stroke, but you do not mix your gas for it. the oil is stored in a tank seperate from the gas and then it is injected and mixed with the gas inside the engine.

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Most oil pumps are accuattated with a cable same as a carb throttle cable, too much oil, loosen cable ( at the adjustment lock nuts)
not sure if polaris is this way, but I would bet on it. With the cable is looser the oil pump won't 'open' as far, be careful, too loose will
lead out your mixture.... ouch. read your spark plugs under full load to check.


I know it has an injector. As I stated, he doesn't know what the proper
adjustment is for it so he wants to mix the oil manually and not use the

I think what everyone is trying to tell you is that you cant mix the oil with the gas.. When they started using injection they stopped drilling the crank bearing cases and started injecting the bearings.. If you mix it in the gas the crank bearings will not get oil and you will tear up the crank...


My brother-in-law talked to the guys at the local Polaris dealership, and they
said it was OK to block off the injector and mix the oil and gas. Do you think
that you can't do this with just the new models or all of them? My brother-in-
law's Polaris is an older one. Thanks.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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