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Doug Siddens in his heavily modified Polaris RZR wins 1st in class in the 2012 Pikes Peak Race! With a time of 10: 40 it was fast enough to win him 9th overall out of 152 competitors. No matter what this time is impressive, but when you consider Siddens did this with a car that started life as an off-road utility vehicle with a factory top speed of 55 mph then you realize just how insane this feat was.

For 2013 Siddens is making the bold move by jumping into the unlimited class. In true grass roots fashion Siddens will be taking his garage built monster up against some of the world's best drivers and multi-million dollar race teams.

Polaris RZR Races Pikes Peak - Doug Siddens Wins Class with Polaris RZR in 2012 Pikes Peak Race - YouTube

Onboard footage-
Doug Siddens 2012 Pikes Peak Race Full Onboard Video of Class Winning Run - Polaris RZR X - YouTube
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