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I think it's safe to say we stock one of the largest inventories of aftermarket Polaris RZR parts & accessories around! Since the Polaris RZR first came out in 08 we have hit the market hard, and have sought out and worked with some of the best manufacturers in the business. In this post we will post some of our top selling Polaris RZR parts, in order of popularity.

Polaris RZR Pro Armor Doors

Pro Armors new Suicide Doors for the Polaris RZR have quickly become one of our favorite products. It is awesome to have customers pick up the phone or email us just to let us know how happy they were with their doors. If you've been looking for a rattle free, hassle free opening door set for your Polaris RZR - look no further. With their all aluminum construction they are lighter than the competition and will never rust. All joints are beautifully TIG welded and the doors use 3 main mounting points fixing them to the base of the A pillar, B pillar and then to the frame underneath the seats. The spring latch is spring loaded and easy to use.

Polaris RZR Power Steering Kits

This power steering system was specifically engineered for the Polaris RZR using the latest in automotive electronic power steering technology. The system is a bolt on install, simply supply it with a 12 volt power source and you are ready to go! This system has many benefits - picture effortless steering and being able to maneuver through the roughest terrain with one hand on the wheel. Inherent with the power steering systems design it absorbs all steering wheel kick back and will no longer knock the steering wheel out of your hands with hard impacts.

Polaris RZR Lift Kit

The RacerTech Polaris RZR Lift Kit we carry is one of our most popular products. This lift kit WILL NOT cause any CV binding issues for the life of your RZR. It is engineered right! We have them available for both the standard RZR and RZR S.

Don't forget safety! Our most popular 4 point safety harnesses are the Pro Armor 4 Point 3" Sewn Together Style Harnesses.

These safety harnesses are popular because they are easier to fasten and get in and out of, over standard race harnesses that have separate buckles at the belt to fasten.

Pro Armor 4 Point 3" Sewn Together Style Harness - Black We ship these with a FREE LED pocket light! (helps with fastening harnesses in the dark)

Polaris RZR Windshields

A lot of Polaris RZR owners find themselves wanting an aftermarket Polaris RZR windshield to help protect them from the elements. We carry a complete selection of Full, Half and Folding Polaris RZR Windshields.

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