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I was wondering if anyone had a manual that listed the codes for the efi. Mine is a 92' and just started to flash one.
One long then one short any help is appreciated

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the blinking lights are trouble codes. There are long and short pulses. The long pulses are the fist digit and the short pulses are the second diget. An example would be 2 long and 3 short would be 23, the pto side injector.

11 is the throttle position sensor
12 is the crankcase temp sensor
13 is the intake air temp. sensor
14*is the atmospheric pressure sensor (rxl only)
14 is he water temp sensor
15 is the atmospheric pressure sensor
21 is the flywheel side injector
22 is the center injector (3-cyl)
22 is the Pto side injector (2-cly)
23*is the Pto side injector (rxl)
31 is low battery voltage
32 is low charging system output
33 is CDI output

(*used on RXL models only)
(codes 31,32,and 33 are not used on RXL models)

Hope they help, I got these out of the Clymer Polaris shop manual for 1990 - 1995. It's the best money I have spent on the sled.
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