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Never Ride's someone elses Quad... A buddy of mine said hey take my 04 Polaris Big Boss 6X6 (145 Hrs)for a ride... I never drove it before, Sure enough it broke while I was riding it...

Three days later another friend was riding my New (leftover) 07 Polaris 800 X2(2hrs) and I was on his all for three minutes... And sure enough his 07 Polaris 450 Sportsman (45Hrs) broke .... O.M.G. !!! I must be the death of Quads.... Crazy thing is.. It's the same problem!!!

O.K. it's feel's like something is skipping ?? Not meshing together?? When you put it into neutral it rolls smooth. I am at a total loss and please need help... Thank You

Anyone experience this type of problem before???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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