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Polaris front end

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Whats the deal with Polaris's claim to true 4 wheel drive, several people have claimed that Polaris has the only true 4 wheel drive????

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This is true, most other 4x4 atv's are really only 3 wheel drive, because they have a limited slip differential.
Polaris does not have a limited slip diff. and Polaris is not in 4wh when you 'turn' on the 4wd, it needs to
'sense' the rear wheels 'sliping' before the front wheels 'engage' it does work pretty good, but the 4wd servo
is always 'powered' when the 4wd drive button is engaged, where as the new yamy kodiak push button 4wd
powers the 4wd servo only to shift it into and out of 4wd and the servo is not under power once it is shifted.
most 4x4 atvs are like your standard 4x4 trucks with limited slip differentials (unless the have 'positraction',
locked rear end) you can buy locking kits for the front end of honda's and yamys, but it makes it hard to steer.
hope this helps.


Suzuki has offered a true 4WD quad for about a decade now. The Suzuki King Quad has a cable actuated ft. locking diff. which can be engaged when operating in super low range.

Thanks for the info guys,,, I just recently purchased a Grizzly for me and a Kodiak for my wife.. I have no complaints...

Just to clarify - most 4x4 trucks, SUV's do not have Limited Slips, or "positraction" as some people call it.

Most 4x4's have open differentials, as do (or should I day did) most ATV's with differentials. It is true more & more are coming equiped with either clutch type limited slips, or (preferrably) torque biased limited slips or (more preferable) cable/solenoid actuated true "spool" type lockers.

The Polaris ATV's (Like my 94 Sportsman) do not have a differential. The rear is a swing-arm one piece axle, so we know both rear tires have to turn at the same speed all the time.
The front is a chain driven sproket that makes the front turn at the same speed all the time also.

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Yes, the Polaris 4wd drive is, well, 4 wheel drive.. I have a '99 Scambler 400 4X4, Some how it senses when the rear wheels slip and BOTH front wheels grab, which inturns, does make it a little hard to steer, but I would rather use a little muscle then get stuck....

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