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Finally got a chance to work on my Pony swap tonight.
Got a couple of questions.

1.Where is the EGR?? I know i have to plug up 2 hoses or make a plate to plug it.

2.Mine is a canadian model so the fuel bowl little window goes to the front of the zuk right??

3.Do i take off the throttle return device or leave it there and modify my airbowl??

4."I used the closest vacuum port on the carb and ran a hose from it to the vacuum advance" Could someone explain where is the vacuum port on the carb and is the vacuum advance on the coil??

5.Do i use the stock spacer or the one i got with the pony carb,and since the stock gaskets stayed on and are in good condition can i use them again??

All and all everything went well tonight (which is very rare for me) got the pony cleaned up the best i could without opening it up.Dremmeled out the manifold found my 12 volt wire and got everything ready for tommorow night.

All thats left is to dremmel the spacer and plug hoses and gas return on carb.

Thanks for the help AGAIN And sorry for the stupid question's.




I just put a pony on mine last week -- Just got it to settle down today !!
The EGR valve is on the passeger side just below the carb. It has two hoses going to it and what looks like a round disk on one end. It is attached to the manifold.
Not sure about why it would matter if you are north of the border or south but mine is facing the firewall and I'm south of the border !!!!
I left the throttle device on and worked on the 'Airbowl' with a BFH ..
The vacuum advance is the little hose coming off a round disk shaped object on your distributor. There is two vacuum lines or copper tubes that stick out on the very bottom of the carb. I put it on the closes one - plugged the other and it seems to be working fine.
I used the stock spacer and old gasket with some permatex form-a-gasket on it. Get the one that will not break down with gas.
While you have it off you may want to pull the solenoid that the one wire is conected to and clean that little jet out good with some carb cleaner. Also the two bolts on the one side has jets under them that could use a shot or two. I pulled the top off of mine before I put it on and used two cans of cleaner on it but had trouble with the idle when I got it started. Doing a search on here lead me to those areas. Seemed two help sofar. Also you may want to pull that plug/cap off of where the idle mixture screw while you have it off -- you may need to adjust that when you get it started.

Good luck ----- Mac0

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Finished installing the pony tonight!!!!

It went pretty well and i could not beleive it when it started up. Had time to take it for a test drive.First thing i noticed is it seems to have more power(lol)from 3000 to 4000 rpm as before it only started going at 4000rpm,i can now run it in a higher gear and instead of downshifting i can floor it and it lug it out.

The only problem is that it has a high idle (1300) and the idle screw is backed out all the way.Left the idle/air screw or whatever the same as it was because as soon as i turned it clockwise the idle would drop a little but it would run rougher.

Tommorow i'm going to plug up the vaccumm lines correctly and put in a bolt in place off the EGR.

Have not checked the timing so that might be the cause of my high idle.

Just like to say thanks to all this forum is awesome and very very addictive.


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