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Plugs for tub on YJ

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I have a 92 Wrangler and my drain plugs in the tub are shot. Does anyone know where I can get new ones.
- Thanks

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I'm not sure what the plugs looked like in the Wrangler, I'm not even sure what the originals looked like in
my CJ. I've used the plastic ones from the hardware store since I bought it in '87. At most places you'll
find them in those yellow boxes where they keep the stainless bolts, cotter pins, etc. I just bought some
the other day to plug up some holes in my firewall and floor. The 3/4" which fit my floor are 45 cents.
They work in both the metal and thicker fiberglass tubs.

A related point, I put a TPI engine in my jeep and had to cut a large hole in the firewall to get the harness
connectors through. I found a two piece computer desk cord hole plug at the hardware store which
plugged the hole and, with a little carving, fit around the harness.

The shipping caps for hydrolic hoses work better than OEM. 3/4" size. They look like a derby hat. I got a couple a dozen for about $3 from a local shop.

Go to a larger hardware store that has a ton of those yellow drawers (nuts and bolts). They sell them there.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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