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hi. i have a 76 cj7 with a 304, and i am trying to find some wheels that will help me clear some tires w/o the flares hanging over, so anybody know stock backspacing? also, what would cause jeep to hesitate when changing gears during acceleration (got new carb..could that be it?), AND could a worn timing chain cause jeep to die with no sputters or other indications (justlike shutting off the key). also want some agressive (swamper/bfg mt) 31" or bigger tires cheap (yeah right i know), and as usual im always looking for a cj-7 frame with no bad rust (damn 76's) any help on these would be great, thanks in advance



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Let me address the tires first. Forget Swampers if you want to drive on pavement & forget BFG if you want to save $$$. My choice? Cooper STT's shown here:

Check out the thread with recent posts in the Toyota section for more info on these & an even cheaper version labeled "Eldorado", but made by Cooper.


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