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I have a wrangler with a 350TPI, TH350, and a NP231 Transfercase. My problem is I am leaving for Florida this saturday and my case is making really bad noise. I have no front driveshaft so every once in a
while i put it in 4wd to move everything around inside. Well today i put it in 4HI and i heard a grinding noise, so i qiuckly through it back into N and shifted it into 4LO and it was fine no problems at all just
in regular 4HI it makes a hell of a noise. I live in NJ and will be moving to Florida on staurday, and need to know whats up and what to do
Please help

1987 Wrangler
350 TPI
7 inch lift and 35's

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Lets face the facts, anytime you get a metal grinding sound IT AINT GOOD! To know whats wrong is hard without pulling the transfer-case. I would be prepared to have the case go out on your way to Florida. However, it may not. (It's a crap shoot.) I have know cases to go for over a 1,000 miles pulling heavy loads after starting to make noise before they stopped but how good is your crystal ball? (87 cases were known for being bad at best anyway.)

Good Luck!


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I have the same EXACT problem. A bit diffrent circumstances: I installed the SYE kit from JB conversions. Since then, I hear the GRIND when I shift it to 4Hi. 4Lo works fine, and so does 2. I drive it all the time, But I gotta warn you also: It IS a crap shoot. I'm gonna tear into it next week. As for you, since you're in a good Junkyard state, I'd either buy a used one and slap it on or rebuild.

Good Luck

'94 YJ Pro-Comp Coil-over kit. 33's
....and a cranky T-case.
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