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Plating on Fender

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I been repainting my 82 CJ-7. While working on the tub I never noticed any kind of plating on the steel, but now I'm working on the fenders and there looks like there is a plated layer. It has been eaten away where the hood latches attach. See Picture.
First question, Whats the plating? Is it galvanized? It doesn't look the galvanized nails and bucket I've seen.
Second question, Did Jeep only plate the fenders or are other parts of the CJ plated?
Third question, Do the newer Jeeps YJ's & TJ's have plating on the tub?
Thanks Max


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It is my understanding that the body on YJ's and later is galvinized. I have also heard that the fenders on the CJ are galvinized. I have heard the 1st comment for years, but never the 2nd one until recently.

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