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Planning my lift, looking for a little insight.

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I'm planning to put the new skyjacker Rock Ready monolear 6" lift on my 95 YJ (4.0L). I'd like to know if anybody out there has used or seen this kit used, it is worth it (a grand and some change) or is there a better way to get 6". I'd like to put 35x12.5 - 35x15.5 under there (will they fit, wheel offset?). I know about the short shaft conversion and the new driveshaft. Other than that it looks like everything comes in the kit. What else do I need and is anybody running a simliar set up. I was looking at the Super 35 kit for the 35c in rear and 4.56 R&P front and rear. Pro's & Con's any input is appreciated.


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Back in the '60's, GM tried a monoleaf rear suspension in the Camaros and Novas and had major trouble with axle wrap induced wheelhop. They abandoned the idea a couple years later and haven't returned to it since. I don't know why a YJ suspension would be much different. I'm sure that the technology used in makin the new springs is a bit different from what they did back then, but I'd not want to be the guinea pig on a kit that expensive.

If you want the 6 inch lift, it's hard to be a plain ol' springover. $359 from Rubicon Express with some pretty good hardware.

My opinion only. . . .

Jason '87YJ
National Spring makes a 6" leaf spring kit for YJ's and CJ's for around $1000.
You can't get any better than National Springs. It is spring under. You'll just have to get all the extra's--shocks, steering fixes, longer brake lines, sway bar- trac bar disconnects (or just leave em off until the springs break in)
Slip yoke eliminator kit and cv driveshaft, etc. I wish I'd spent the extra bucks to get these springs so I could fit 35's. I went with a 4" kit (still had to buy all the extra's to get it right) but I can't run 35's unless I put on an ugly body lift or go spring over which would also be big bucks. I run 33's with no problems. I didn't know about the 6" kit from National Spring until I had my kit installed and paid for.

JasonYJ is right. The springover is much easier and probably provides much more articulation. Anyway for that much money why not go with one of the COILOVER suspensions

Fun, not Safety, is paramount

The mono leaf springs didn't work in the 60's because they didn't have the technology to make them correctly. Many leaf sprung (mostly stock eliminator) drag cars are using mono-leafs, and some mono-leafs are even fiberglass!!!. Check out the new issue of "JP Magazine". It has a writeup on the install and ride quality of this very kit. Overall they were impressed with it. It is an entire kit and not just springs. They did, however have to do some minor trimming to clear 35's. But only to clear under full articulation. Hope this helps.

Mike H.
1983 CJ-7 Laredo
1999 Dakota 4x4
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