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Place to buy wheels online?

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Tried doing a search but didn't turn up much info. Was just wondering if any of you had had any luck at finding an online store that had some good prices. I just ordered my suspension lift today so I figured my 30.5 MT/R's and stock wheels might need to find a new home. Looking to get a 15x8 set of wheels and thinking maybe some 32/12.5's.

Anyone know any brand or style I should definately stay away from as far as wheels go?
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Have you tried Tire Rack ? Seems to me like they had fair prices last time I checked. Plus they will ship them to you already mounted and balanced if you buy the tires there too.
Heres another place they advertise in all the rags.
You can even get them mounted ready to put on Jeep at National Tire and Wheel
Never heard of them actually, will give them a look.

As for NT&W, I tired but the web page wasn't loading for me last night. Going slow, but viewable today for me.

Thanks guy's for the links.

Anyone have any beef with those black Rock Crawler steel wheels? I sort of like the way they look and like the price, was wondering how well they do being banged around on the trail since they were one of the cheaper sets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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