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Hi all, its time for another Zuk gathering, heck its been all of a week and a half since our last one.. :) I wanted to get the word out about an informal Zuk trip to Pismo Beach (Oceano Dunes) planned for the Fourth of July. This is a great time to visit the dunes and see what all is going on. Should be great weather, and loads of fun.

I don't have any details for the trip at this time, but will soon.

I'm not sure if you will be able to get 2wd vehicles onto the beach for camping this time as there has been a problem with the permits for grading the entry ramps, but I believe that at least one ramp is working for 2wd vehicles and campers. I'll dig up current info regarding this.

If you haven't had your Zuk in the dunes yet, then this is a great opportunity to do so, and meet some great folks. Stock or modified, the Samurai does very well in the sand.

Please let me know if you have any interest in attending.



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Its finally official, the Evironmentalists were trying to make a mess of things this big weekend, but I'm told it will now be a non-issue. Yeah!

So on with the plans. We will be camping out on the beach at or near Mile Marker #5. If you are new to Pismo, you just drive down the beach with all of the other vehicles, and keep an eye out for the signs near the dunes, when you see marker #5, start cruising around until you see some Zuks.

Sounds like several of us will be arriving Friday, but expect some may not make it until Saturday. I have no idea on how many to expect as this is kind of short notice.

This is the weekend to be on the dunes, there should be plenty of entertainment in the sand, and should be a real blast.

Camping is pretty basic there. Just find a chunk of sand you like, and make it yours. There are some pit-pot toilets scattered about. Weather should be great, but it can be cold and wet also. RVs and tenting are the popular choices. I doubt you will be able to find many vancancies in town.

This is a family oriented trip, so if you have them, bring 'em along!

New to the sand? Not a problem! This will be a great time to learn how much fun it is!

Here is a great map of the area (including the mail markers):

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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