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Pinion seal replacement

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I have an '89 Dana 44 rear axle in my '88 XJ. I noticed the pinion seal leaking pretty good after my last romp in the mud. From what I can tell, this should be an easy job to fix.
Is replacing the seal as easy as removing the pinion nut, removing the yoke, and then pulling the seal and replacing in the oposite order.... I've heard that some of the newer XJs have to do something special when torquing the pinion nut on......???

Is there anything else I need to know to do this?
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ok ok....well, if I didn't have orange colored mud on the rearend I wouldn't have noticed the gear oil on it..

Well, like you said...I guess I need to clean her up and get some winter repairs done.
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yeah, I'd love to get down there and do some mods as well. At least the firetruck is I'll be able to get back on the Jeep. I need some bumpers welding your own up? I can weld but have no welder..

In January I'm having a buddy of mine weld up a roof rack that will cover the entire roof. Just need to get through the holidays first.

I'm going to work on the pinion seal Saturday...I should be done putting Christmas presents together by then..

Have a Merry Christmas Hank...pass along the same to Sidney and Mark....
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