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Hello everyone
For this question you might have to dust off the old manuals: what is the stock pinion angles for a 1975 CJ-5, 304 cid, Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear. This rig have been modified so many times everthing is out of wack, if I have the pinion angles it will be a start to getting everything back in line.




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Not a difficult question, and make model etc of veh makes no difference.

Drive shaft with a u-joint on each end.
The angle at each end should be the same. To pull some figures out of the air to make an example. Suppose the angle from the transfer case to the differential is 20 degrees. Turn the axle so that there is a 10 degree angle at the diff end and a 10 degree angle at the t/c end. As the vehicle moves up and down the total angle will increase or decrease but it will still be 50/50.

Drive shaft with a CV joint on one end and u-joint on the other end.
This is set up differently. ALL the angle is at the CV joint end. The pinion and drive shaft should from a straight line. This can be off by as much as 4 degrees, but if it is off, it should be off so that when weight is added to the vehicle and the springs begin to compress the angle gets less not more. If the overall angle is more than the CV joint can handle, you have to do something else. Putting some of the angle in the u-joint end WILL NOT correct the problem.

You mention "stock pinion angle". Ain't no such thing. It's 50/50 with double u-joints and 100/0 with a CV joint. No specific angle.

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I've never had good luck with the shims so I buy new spring perches. I tack weld them and try it. If it's where I want I finish
welding them in place.

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