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I just bought two 1989 Honda Pilots. I am having problems with one of
them when trying to change gear from neutral to forward or from neutral
to reverse. I always have to accelerate just a little bit in order for
the gear to engage.

Do you have any suggestions about the possible cause for this problem
and how I could fix it?

Also, there is a very tiny oil leak (about ten drops a day or so) on
the transmission gasket and I always have to make sure the oil level
is ok. Could I fix this small leak with some kind of oil additive? which
product would you recommend?

Thank you very much.


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You don't really have a problem. My pilot does the same thing. It is due to either a worn belt (which causes you to rev up your motor so as to engage the centrifugal clutch further to grab the belt to align the transmission) or an after market clutch may have been installed which requires higher engine rpm before the clutch engages the belt so as to align your transmission gears. - Tom

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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