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Heck, how do you think so many PA mechanics stay gainfully employed/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif? Gosh, it's liberal now (sorry for the "L" word, Dave) one time (mid 70's) when it was every 6months. Not only that ....but the laws were really headers....heck..legally if a car came through with single exhaust and EVEN if duals were/was available it was illegal .....or is that unlawful (it was never enforced to my knowlege however)? Until you get to know a decent local shop plan on a few hundred ($3-400) per vehicle per inspection.
Seriously.....after you get used to the specs....and replace your brakes often enough.....and keep the exhaust and tires in good reduces down to wiper blades and bulbs. That still amounts to almost $100 considering that the emissions and the safety inspection can tab up to over $50.

I don't believe that the speedo cable is a required inspecition item never has for me. Then again....all of mine have been working for the past 10 or so years so it may in fact be a requirement at this time.

Welcome to Pennsylvania!!!


Figures don't lie ....... but liars sure do figure.
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