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I just got a new stereo for my '92 Pathfinder. I got 2 15" kicker solobarics, a 500x2 kicker amp, 2 pairs of kicker component 6 1/2", and a 90x4 kicker amp. I am wondering what everybody has stereo wise in there nissans. If you could please post what you have in your 4x4 that would be great.



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I have 95 ext. cab p/u and I went cheap with my system but it sounds great. You can't hear me across a busy intersection, but you have to turn it down to talk inside the cab.
Head unit Alpine 7821 am/fm/single cd
eq/ampl. Alpine ? 7 band/ 30W x 2
Rear Speakers Alpine ? 6.5" 2-way
Door Speakers Factory, soon to be 5" component set
Sub 6.5" Bazooka Tube
amp Rockford Fosgate 2600x bridged (approximately 100W x 1)

Got all of it for about $800 new.


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JVC CD(4v output, vcr controls, wireless remote, flip down
face), 4 Clarion highs in door pillars and rear deck, 4 Pioneer 5x7 mids on factory amp, 2 Kicker Competition
12” subs in sealed Q-logic box powered by Kicker Impulse 1252xi amp...this
all adds up to around 140 spl. All powered by an optima red top battery.

Happy Trails

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Quick rundown here...I don't have everything I want but I'm always working.

Clarion DRX6475 CD player (Disk Naming, Changer Controls, 4v output, Flip down face)
Clarion CDC635 Changer
MTX Thunder 5400x (five channel amp 55 watts to front and rear channel, 5th channel will be used to power a set of 8" subs in the doors))
Infinity 5 1/4" Coaxials(soon to be component set in a custom kick panel enclosure) running off front channel of 5400x
Pioneer 6 1/2S" Coaxials in the rear off the rear channel of 5400x
MTX Thunder 2150x (two channel amp bridged mono pushing approx. 450 watts)
Polk DB12 12" Subwoofer in custom made sealed box (0.93 ft3) Qtc of 0.83

If you are into sound quality and not quanity this is an excellant system. Just a quick note for SQ lovers. If you wire your right side passanger speaker out of phase you will have better imaging in the drivers seat. Just keep all the other speakers positive to positive and negative to negative. The pass. speaker then is negative to pos. and pos. to negative. Doing this does not cause cancellation of frequencies as you might expect. This is the same as moving the speaker in about 5.5 inches. The only problem/draw back is the passenger sound quality. To them the sound stage will not be centered. Ideally it should be just beyond the winshield dead center in the vehicle. The pass. hears the speaker like they are hugging the thing. The stage is far right and low. If you don't have someone ride with you that often and you don't have the money for custom kickpanel, then this is ideal. Factory speakers can even benefit from this simple technique.

Thought you might want to know this, and some of you might actually employ this. Hope you like!



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I have 1 pioneer 15 with a 280 wat MTX blue thunder amp in my 2000 Xterra.
I also have 2 6x9 JBL's with an amp soon to be put to them.


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Kenwood Flip-face CD, Kenwood 4x100 Amp, Pioneer Truck-Box something or other speakers & 6x9 pioneers everywhere else. Sounds good enough, goes loud enough and it's not a cheesy little kid's BOOM-BOX thank god!

Chris J.
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Sanyo AM/FM w/cassette boom box that sometimes stays on the seat and sometimes it falls over... (just kidding.... Opps, and I drive a D21 not a Pathfinder)


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hmmmm lets see..... today we have:

Eclipse ESN head unit. single cd
Sony professional AC/DC VCR

Sony 6" TFT LCD screen fur watchin' da movies
2 - 8" MTX subs driven by a Kenwood 120watt mono anp
2 - pairs of Kenwood separates in front doors - 6" mids and 1"in tweets
2 - 6.5" Kenwood co-axials in back stock locations

other pieces come and go in my truck.

- Tim
- [email protected]
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