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Hello all, I usually hang out at the Chevy board but my roommate has an 87 Pathfinder with some problems. It is a V6, Auto, and 4WD if that makes any difference.
When he comes to a stop and the RPM lowers, the parking brake light, tranny temp light, and the battery light all come on, and then go off after the RPM increases. Also when at a stop when the blinker is on the voltmeter guage goes back and forth (small amount).
My question is if it is an alternator thing? Or could it be a battery? He said that the belt tension was a little loose and that the bearing was squeling a bit, even after retensioning. Is there are rebuilt kit for this alternator or is it best to replace the whole thing?
Thanks in advance for all the help.

If he goes offroad (Mud) the alt is very common problem because its beside the drivers wheel-well, you can get it re-built or the best is to get another one, see if he still has a rubber splash guard before you put the new one in or be prepared to buy lots o alternators.
Check the volts at the batt to see if its above 12v when its off, and 14v when running.
Also the pully is very common too, he had it too tight at one point and now its toast. Just re-place it, its not hard. Just dont crank it tight.
Hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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