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I have a 1975 Moto-Ski Nuvik 300.

I have looked everywhere on line for parts but haven't found much.
I need new spark plug wires, and muffler (I probably dont need one but it has rust holes in it) and I want to get a speedometer and tachometer (didn't come with one, its a budget model I would assume).
I have also found piston kits online but they are .020 LT over (Piston Kits ) (must be to recondition the cylinder wall?) and I was wondeing if it was worth the bother of boring it out?

As far as I know I have no vintage snowmobile places around me so going to one and attempting to buy parts is probably out of the question. Unless I get a website or e-mails of someone who is near NH with good deals(because im on a low budget).

while your here please take a look at my snowmobile photo album!!!!

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Re: Parts for myMoto-Ski???? and check out the pic

I have a 75 340 twin.
I get all my stuff for my 71 Olympique and 75 moto-ski from central snowmobile there the best i have seen.
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