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painting the canopy ?

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ok i dont know if its called a canopy on a bronco or not but im repainting it and i dont know if theres anything i need to know about preping it like should i just do a wet sand or what
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I painted my top. I just cleaned it really good I was going to lightly scuff it, but it was ruff enough and I like the textured look, so I didn't sand it down. Just clean it and scuff it with a scotch-brite pad and paint with a durable automotive finish. Mine was tan and I painted it black, it has yet to peel or chip off.
I sprayed mine in my autobody shop with semigloss black automotive finish and also mixed in a little hardener so the paint would be stronger and gas or anything else wouldn't damage it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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