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I am painting my 1979 CJ7 on Thanksgiving Day. Has anyone ever painted their CJ? How should I paint it, or better yet, where should i start laying the paint?; inside- out or body exterior first??? How much paint do I really need? Would the job come out any better if I removed the hood and tailgate and doors?


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I just painted my jeep a few months back. It was my first paint job and turned out very well. I'd be more than happy to tell you what I did and how things turned out for me, but I'm low on time right now. If you'd like to hear, send me an email so I don't forget and I'll sit down and type it up this evening.


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Finished painting a CJ7 '85 two months ago - first paint job. Used OMNI paints (base-clear coat). Price and Quality I found excellent. Laid down 2 primary coats and a sealer coat. Then laid down 4-6 base coats. Added pearl to the base coats. Then laid 4 clear coats with pearl and 4 clear coats without pearl. Buffed out oversprays and one run. I was impressed with how it ended up.
USED: 1 gallon of primer
1 qt of sealer-primer
5 qts of base coat & somewhat equal amount of thinner
1.5 gal of clear coat and somewhat equal amount of harder
extra 2 gal of thinner for cleaner.
HINTS: paint in draft free environment: Used plastic sheeting around, across the top. Wetted down the floor.
make sure no moisture or oil in compressor tank or hose.
use a large enough compressor to maintain constant pressure
have helper assist in mixing while painting
make sure that you adhere to the temperature rating and wait at least as long as required
plan on a very long day
I did remove doors, but wished I had not, as they were a pain to try and paint and turn over. I did have the hood off, but wedged it up on blocks so I could easily get to one side. Need to make sure that the spray pattern is square to the metal being painted. The hood required some reaching up and out, which is then where I got my only run. I stripped out the inside so, painted it at the same time as the sides.
Good Luck, Mindbender.

CJ7 258

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What is the base for Omni paints? Urethane? Lacquer? How long did the paint dry between coats? What temperature was it when you did it? Did you use any artificial heating? Did you have any ventilation? Did you use a respirator, etc?

Thanks for the info!


'85 CJ7/285
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