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I am trying to hook up a friend, he is wiring up a 75 CJ5 and needs some instruction. He told me he had seen an article in JP mag covering it, Ive have most of the issues except a couple of the older ones. any teck links on this ?

(JEEP LAW) 4 modifications per application

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Thanks mark, I think it may help some but its a 75 that we are trying to wire. I wonder how much difference there is?

(JEEP LAW) 4 modifications per application

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Pre 76\'s are diferent

I rewired my 75 CJ5 a year ago. I wanted the Painless kit with the preterminated ends to make installation easier. I decided to change out the Dash, Steering Column, A new gas tank/sender/skid plate, sending units and Gauges at the same time, that way I wouldn't have to do any cutting of a brand new wiring harness.

Everything worked great (Keep in mind that there are always problems that you will run into) although the cost was more than I had originally planned was worth it.

If I had the time, I would have opted for the custom do it yourself kit but I wanted to upgrade other parts of my Jeep that needed it too; so it all made sense to do it at the same time.

Here is what I ordered from 4WD Hardware:
Glove Box Plastic
Steering Column Cover
Wiring Harness (Heavy Duty)
Dash Lamp Kit (6 Lights)
Headlight Switch
Headlight Switch Knob
Windshield Wiper Switch
2 Speed Fan Switch
Switch Knob
Volt Gauge
Oil Sending Unit
Oil Gauge
Ignition Switch w/ Keys
Heater Air Cable 28"
Heater Temp Cable 21.5"
Heater Defrost Cable 21"
Fuel Sending unit Kit
Gas Tank & Skid Plate Kit
Steel Switch Nut
Aluminum Switch Spacer
Billet Aluminum Knob Set
14.5" 3 spoke Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel install Kit

Cost with shipping = $1,196.47

I also ordered a new steering column from Centech Wiring:

For a grand total of $1,431.42

It wasn't cheap but it worked and now I have a 75 body and drivetrain with a 76 interior with tilt steering.

Check out my review of the Painless kit

Jay C.

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