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Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4s open enrollment

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I just wanted to let everyone know we have open enrollment for our truck club going on now. If you are not familiar with us we are the "Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4s" . A couple years old now we have a little over 60 members. We try to meet once a month and wheel once a month. We are a club not a group so to speak but quite laid back about it. We welcome anyone to wheel with us or goto our gatherings, truck repair days, BBQ's and this next year possible live concert. WE have a tread lightly philosophy also.Im letting people know there is also a club that is set up for FULL-SIZE vehicles. Width and Heighth is taken into place on trail choices. If you are interested just goto the site and sign up in the forums. Its free and our forums is a nice place to meet people and talk about your build and troubleshooting. Be sure to goto the new member area and introduce yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Ok I am a little bit of a baby with my blazer but I have put 15 years into it and well just do not want to mess up my investment. When my rockwells are under it it will be a different story.

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Over 100 Club members now. Thank you for joining.
We just added a chat room, a bunch of new forums, a huge member gallery, and some new vendors. We are also over 100 club members USA wide and Canada. Come check us out.

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