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Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4\'s Intro

Hello Moggers

Well first of im Daniel and I am the president of the Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4's. We have about 300 members and three chapters. We WHEEEEEELL ALOT. We will be in the real truck club challenge and three of our members have already been in the TTC. We are located in the Pacific Northwest but have members world wide.. check us out sometime

anyhow I have a 79 K50 Blazer thats soon rolling on hybrid rockwells on 49's with custom 6x6 wheels for it. A new 422BBC will be installed and it already has just about everything. See it here

I know im not a mog owner but I just wanted to let other moggers know there is a mog friendly pinzgauer friendly club here in the Pacific Northwest. We have a couple mog members already and a couple pinzgaurers in the UK. Our club is WORLDWIDE.

See ya
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