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Does anyone know anyplace within 6 hours of Pittsburgh, PA that sells clean, used CJ7 tubs. I saw that Collins Bros. Jeep sells them for $900, but
they are the whole way in Texas. Just looking for an in between alternative to replacing a bunch of panels on my tub & paying $2100 for a new steel tub (that wont have the JEEP stamp on it). Thanks


There is a place just north of Hamburg, PA....
First Class 4x4
Auburn, PA 17922

They are a jeep and dodge truck salvage yard. Never been there but I would think they have a some tubs, may have to go with a YJ tub though. Most CJ tubs in PA tend to have rust. Since it is a salvage yard, I'd think most have been wrecked, so most may have damage, I really don't know though.

Email me. I have the number around somewhere.

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