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Outer axles on front Dana

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I was wondering if the outer axles on a the front Dana axle in a 84 CJ-7 are the same on both sides? The short side on a set of axles I have is twisted at the U-joint. If they are not, any idea on repair cost verses replacement of the axle shaft? I currently have a set of 3.30 axles that I would like to use in replacing my 2.73's that are currently installed on the CJ. I am hoping to avoid swapping the ring gears. The replacement 3.30 is the one trashed, my 2.73's are Ok. On the other hand, the seal is also gone on the 3.30, so I may need to pull the carrier to replace the seals. Looking for suggestions.

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spindles, hubs, rotors, outer shafts are the same for both sides. knuckles, calipers, and caliper mounts are different.

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