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ok went wheeling yesterday and in the process managed to put a pretty big dent in my front diff. luckily its not big enough to hit my gears. i was wanting to take the 3rd out and bang out the dent so it doesnt get hit again and cause some real damage. is there anything i need to know about taking the 3rd member out or can i just take it out and put it back in? never done this before so i dont want to screw it up. thanks in advance

Oh, the third member comes out in 5-10 minutes.
After u spend about 1 1/2 hrs. pulling the axels.
Good luck and have fun. But I've turned too many wrenches. Don't enjoy working on them like I use to. Thirty years ago that ding would have bothered me to, till I got it out.

Bobby, my front diff has a multitude of dents. I waited to see if the ring gear was gonna saw its way through, and when it didn't I had a friend weld a pipe cap over the dents to stop anything worse happening.
Oh yeah, the final straw was when I couldn't undo the drain plug.
So I had the cap welded a little low to add protection to the plug.
So i'm saying, forget stripping out the 3rd. Just cap it.
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