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I was at Wal-Mart the other night and I figured while I was there I might as well look at their ignition parts to see if they had some of the stuff for the Duraspark upgrade everyone is working on. It's self serve, so everything is hanging on the shelf. I found the big cap for the I6 but it had the aluminium connectors so I didn't buy it. But I did notice two other caps for 6 cylinder Fords. They were about the same size as the stock cap for the Motorcraft, but they both had the newer style connector, 8mm or whatever its called. One had a standard rotor and the other one had a big round rotor (more insulation).

Now as I understand this upgrade, the reason for going to the big rotor is to keep that extra spark energy going where it's suppose to and not down the distributor shaft or to a wrong cylinder. So I was wondering if (a) those other caps might fit the Motorcraft distributor and (b) if they would handle the higher spark energies put out by the TFI coil?

I'll probably still go with the bigger cap but seeing as those caps were both for newer vehicles and they had the new syle connectors I thought maybe they were "New and Improved" and might handle the higher energy without having to go big. Just a thought. Has anyone looked at these other caps?


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i have been using the TFI coil with a stock 86 258 cap for a year now without any problems,but i did have to change all the cap ends of my plug wires
which is a pain in the you know what...And my cap wasnt new either.But when i buy new,ill buy a large ford cap.


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You are correct on both counts.
The hotter coil is to make more spark energy, and the larger cap is to get it where it's supposed to go.

If you find one of the newest versions of the Ford cap that will work, by all means, let us know about it!
I just haven't run on to one yet, the two piece is the newest one I could find that would fit straight on the Jeep Motorcraft distributor with out any modifications. The rotor for that cap it a drop in too.

Doing like Lone Eagle, and doing the coil, but not the cap sort of defeats the purpose.
I'm sure Lone Eagle will see a difference when I changes to the larger cap and rotor.

Stay away from aluminum terminals if you can possibly help it. Aluminum has no business in any electrical circuit, and especially not any business in a high voltage circuit!

If you do stumble onto another cap that screws straight on, PLEASE let us know!!

Later, Aaron.

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