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Sorry again for the OT stuff, but everybody is/was so helpful.

I fixed my cooling problem (thanks to everyone that answered me. Especially JeepN's bro-in-law)..... it seems I have an electrical problem. Boat quit on me the other day and I couldn't get it cranked again. Everything else is fine, turns over great, no probs with anything else electrical. I pulled a spark plug and checked it for fire......NOTHING!

Where to now? I did notice the wire coming from the distributor cap to the coil was almost burnt in half. (?)

1987 Malibu OMC inboard/outboard 3 litre, 4 cylinder...

Thanks again! This place/you people are great!!

JeepN: I will try your bro-in-law again, I called last night but got the answering machine. I don't wanna bother him either, though.... Thanks!

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