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I am looking at a 97 Dodge Ram and was wondering if anybody knows where I can find a chart kind of like the one that I have seen for Model 20 rearends that can tell you what the gear ratio's are by the number on a tag on the rear axle. Does anybody know where I can find this? Thanks, Andy


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If its a 97,

the 1500s were available with
3.23s (short cab 2wd only)
3.55s (standard, all V-8 applications)
3.92s (optional, V-8s only, only gear ratio avaiable with factory traction device)

the 2500s and 3500s
3.55s (standard)
4.10s (optional, all models)

Thats from the top of my head, to the beast of my knowledge, at 3am, but SHOULD be pretty close.


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Pop your hood and look either under the hood or on the radiator support. There is a tag there that has all the info you need as far as axles, gear ratios, engine size, tranny, paint codes, model and trim, etc. It's not even in a code form, it spells out exactly what you have. IE: Chrysler 9.25" axle 3.55:1 ratio. Plain and easy to understand.

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