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Hey, what do you mean us Midwest Guys can't have beaches? Why we have lot's of choices:

1. Go to Duluth and Chop holes in the Ice!
2. Wait for April/May and let the Mississippi, Minnestota, Misouri and St. Croix rivers come to our front doors.
3. Go out after a thunderstorm and play in the flash flooding.
4. Pile up the hail in a low area after a thunderstorm, Instant Beach!
5. Drive into a Tornado and go to the beach at Warp Speed.
6. Drive to Davenport where the downtow's all waterfront property.
7. Follow the largest cloud of misquoteo's to thier watering hole.

From what I hear all the Mexican guys up here have Beaches.. at least that's what I hear 'em all saying. But why would you need a shovel to move chits? But see you get my point... there are lot's of choices... you just have to be hardy!

Haveing been to more schools, classes and colleges than I'd like to admit to, in all seriousness I'd like to say to you guys that the time you're spending in school couldn't be better spent. You're going to spend the rest of your lives in the future, so the better prepared you are for that time, the better off you'll be and the more fun you'll have. Yep, ain't life grand!

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